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Uncategorized August 27, 2022

What do you think Email Marketing is still surviving?

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Email is not a new concept it was started back in the year 1971 and is using more than ever before. But today we have lots of alternatives for it as well and with so many options for reaching out to people today what do you think is email marketing still an effective way to connect with people? So, in this blog, I will discuss all Email marketing hope you will get all your answers here.

There are around 4 billion daily email users and if you examine the company’s investments in their email marketing budget then 37% of brands are increasing their email budget. A majority of marketers using email leverage mobile-friendly emails as a part of their marketing strategy. Subscriber segmentation is that the most effective email marketing campaign strategy.

Even now as per recent reports 33% of marketers send weekly emails and 26% send emails multiple times per month. 77% of marketers have seen a rise in email engagement over the last 12 months. Also, smartphone users like better to receive brand communications via email rather than other alternatives as testing your emails leads to higher ROI.

Email marketing is used  by 1 in 2 media planners for better connection and leads. Email marketing is growing with 22% people planning to leverage it for the first time according to HubSpot Blog Research, 2021. If you examine Email marketing revenue is estimated to reach almost 11 billion by the end of 2023. Email marketing is an efficient way to connect with leads, nurture them and convert them into customers; it’s also to promote products or services.

Why and Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is one among the most cost-effective and conversion-rich marketing methods you can use for your business. It helps businesses to succeed in new customers, generate leads, and engages their customers at a high scale. Before you jump into email marketing after reading the info mentioned above let’s know why we need to opt for email marketing in detail here.

Budget Friendly: The prices of email marketing can be much lower than other alternatives of marketing as there are no advertising fees, printing, or media space costs in email marketing.

Choose Your Content: In email marketing, your marketing list are going to be made up of people who have actively chosen to receive email communications from you or are those customers who are genuinely interested in your products are more likely to engage with your business.

Customize Designs: You’re allowed to send plain text, graphics or attach files – whichever suits your message with simplest way. A choice of design options gives you scope to convey your business branding.

• Target Audience: Email marketing is often used to reach large audiences or smaller targeted lists. You’ll scale your emails as per the requirements high or low.

Personalized Content: With email marketing, you’ll personalize messages. You’ll also segment your marketing list so that your customers receive messages from you that they are interested in – this will help boost their engagement with you.

Easy Sharing: It is easy for people to forward and share your email content, building your reputation by email marketing with shareable contents this might help influence new customers to become followers of your brand.

• More Conversions & Sales: As most of the links and follow requests are clickable action are often taken immediately. Email marketing is additionally effective at every stage of the buying process which can directly increase sales and leads.

• Monitorable: you’ll evaluate and monitor the success of a campaign or ideas by using web analytics. You can easily test different copies, subject lines, and styles to see which is most effective strategy enabling you to optimize future campaigns.

• More Professional: Unlike other marketing email marketing is a place where customers can update their preferences whether they would like to receive different messages from you or unsubscribe if they feel they no longer want to receive your email communications.

• Time Efficient: By the automation system of email marketing you’ll trigger emails to be sent to customers based on an action they have performed on your website like signup, enroll now, heavy discounts, and far more. Once you’ve got developed a template you can reuse it for numerous email campaigns.

• Right People at Right Time: With email marketing, it is easy to reach people because 73% of people check their mail always. They will check it at any time, on multiple devices, which may improve the success of any marketing campaign.

Why Exogenous Technology?

Around 72% of consumers prefer email as their main channel for business communication and nearly 4 billion emails were sent and received per day which exhibits the significance of email marketing today. With Exogenous Technology’s digital marketing tools grow your audience faster and drive revenue smarter backed by our constant services. We facilitate your create a strong email marketing strategy to reach and connect with your target audience in an individualized way for amplified sales.

• Campaign Planning: Every successful email marketing strategy starts with robust planning. Our experts will cover you all including the aim of investing in the email, the expected audience, your reader’s selection, and desired business results till your project success.

Designing: We’ll design your needs which explain everything you are expecting from email marketing. It’ll involve a detailed design of the email marketing campaign strategy in action, also as a Q&A to help you get the most out of your marketing efforts.

Strategy: Our full proven strategy will facilitate you to create an email marketing strategy that requires significant planning and forethought. We’ll make a unique email marketing strategy, so you’ll meet your goals more effectively and create the best campaigns possible.

Monitor: You’ll have to set up the tools or processes to discover whether the goals have been met or not. With our specialized software tool, you’ll be able to monitor and track open rates, click-through rates (CTR), your forwards, conversion rates, and unsubscribed rate easily.

Optimization: With our email marketing optimization services you’ll set measures for any sized business company to increase the conversion rate and build long-lasting relationships with your target audiences by setting authentic parameters and more.

Disadvantages of non-skilled Email Marketing

If I conclude then email marketing is still an effective marketing strategy to adopt but for the advantage you need to be pro or you must have in contact with experts like Exogenous Technology which will do your work from beginning to professional for the best results. As beside the advantages of email marketing there are some disadvantages of this as well.

  • Spam Mail: Commercial email or ‘spam’ email irk clients sometimes if your messages aren’t targeted to the right people, the recipient may delete your email or unsubscribe which will put you in trouble. So, make sure that your email marketing complies with privacy and data protection rules and reaches properly to the targeted people who want to receive it.
  • Undelivered Emails – A poorly designed emails may not get delivered often that use certain spam keywords or characters in the subject heading or content of the email like special characters, FREE, click here, or things like that needed to be filtered out by email software and internet service providers.
  • Design problems – You need to design your email in such a way that it appears same  across multiple devices and email providers.  You may encounter a trade-off between design and functionality. Some people opt to receive text-only emails, consider how your message will look if this is the case. Make designs to encounter such issues as well.
  • Size issues:  Almost people refuse to read large tests so try to make your email short and simple. Your files need to be small enough to download quickly and easily. Emails containing many images may take too long to load, frustrating your audience and losing their interest your email.

To encounter such issues you need to be focused over your content. Email Marketing is the great source not only does it help you to keep in touch with your perspective customers but it also allows you to aware your readers, drive more traffics, conduct surveys, share updates, make announcements and much more. So if you want to generate leads, brad building and credibility go for email marketing service with patience.

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