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We work in harmony with your vision, ensuring that our strategies align with your goal

Understanding that each client's goals are unique, the company tailors its solutions to fit these specific targets. Whether it's a business seeking to improve sales or productivity by utilizing the digital and technology solutions to reach the milestones, the company adapts its services and strategies accordingly.

Best Studio Award
from 1990

The Journey of Improvement

Our story

Exogenous Technology, a forward-thinking company with a relentless commitment to progress, embarked on a transformative journey three years ago. It all began with our deep appreciation for the immense business value offered by digital marketing. Over time, this visionary organization transitioned towards developing tailored technology solutions, all in pursuit of empowering the team and fostering a culture of Continuous Improvement.

As the proficiency in digital marketing grew, so did our vision. We realized that to truly enhance our operations, we needed customized technology solutions. This shift empowered us to develop in-house tools and platforms tailored to the client’s unique requirements. These solutions introduced automation, efficiency, and data-driven decision-making into their daily operations.

The journey extends beyond technology; and the focus moved to providing the personalized team culture to the clients with the principle of Continuous Improvement to meet the business goals with the Managed Team service.

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Leadership Team

The Leaders That Made This Happened

Shashwat Dhanraaj

Idea to Technology Converter
SEO Executive

Shubham Kumar

Search Bot Pilot

Pooja Singh

Bridging People and Business Success
Content Writer

Kriti Verma

Jewel of Content

Your Goal is our KPI

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In the journey of building a solution-driven company, there’s a crucial force that’s often underestimated: Our Teams. At Exogenous Technology, we understand that our greatest asset lies within our workforce. We believe that to create a culture of continuous improvement, ...

Shubham Sinha

CTO & Co Founder



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